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Regional Degrowth workshop in Budapest
  24-25 January 2015


10h-12h Session 1: 9-12

- Welcoming word and introduction.

- Degrowth in post-socialist countries: feedback from Leipzig workshop.

- Degrowth, Karl Polanyi and CSA in Hungary.

- Public debt and degrowth with the Committee for the Abolition of Third World Debt.


Lunch break. 12h-14h with local organic food.



Session 2: 14h-17h

- How to explain degrowth without closing the door for discussions in post-socialist countries.

- The green/red divide in degrowth discussions in post-socialist countries.

After Ljubjana in 2013, Zagreb in March, Sofia in May and Leipzig in September 2014, we invite you to regional Degrowth workshop onDegrowth in postsocialist countries on the 24-25 January 2015. To register:


Saturday 24 of January

(limited number of place: to register: -  - House rules)
Beograd rakpart 9., Budapest

17h30-19h Public and participative discussion: How to contruct alternatives to the physical and cultural limits to growth?


From 19h Party with hot wine, tea, and organic food.

Sunday 25th of January

(limited number of place: to register:



10h-13h30 Szimpla Piac (direct trade market in Budapest).
- Presentation of Zsambok organic farm and direct trade in Hungary.
- Lunch-Discussion on the application for the organisation of the following Degrowth conference in Budapest in 2016.


13h30 Walk to Cyclonomia.


14h-18h Cyclonomia: DiY bikeshop.

- Presentation of Cyclonomia workshop, DiY and low tech.- Horison2020 project development until May 2015.

- Activities on the climate talks in Paris 2015 – exchanging info, maybe some planning what can be done.

- Publication about Degrowth in Post-Socialist countries.

- Other future activities…

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