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Global policies and the refugee crisis

Szept. 16. 2015. Corvinus University of Budapest, c building, Lecture room 5-6.


Panel discussion of experts and civic groups

at Karl Polányi Center for Global Social Studies



László Csicsmann (Corvinus University)

Pál Nyíri (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.)

József Böröcz (Rutgers University)

Jama Muqtar (Menedék, Association for Migrants)

Judit Tóth (Szeged University)

Boldizsár Nagy (CEU)

Diana Szántó (Artemisszió Foundation)

Orsolya Jeney (Amnesty International)


Moderated by Attila Melegh (Corvinus University)

Karl Polányi for the 21st Century

April 23. 6:00 pm, Corvinus University C Building (Közraktár St. 4-6.), Lecture Hall X.


Sándor Striker (Eötvös Loránd University)


The Unity of Karl Polányi's Oeuvre

Mihály Sárkány

Mihály Sárkány is Senior Honoris Causa of the Institute of Ethnology, Research Center for the Humanities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Among other books he is the author of Exchange Between Communities and also coeditor of: Studying Peoples in the Peoples Democracies. Socialist Era Anthropology in East-Central Europe.

Karl Polányi and the Economic Anthropology of Rural Hungary

Chris Hann

Chris Hann is Director at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle, and a Member of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences. Born and brought up in Wales, he has been doing fieldwork in Hungary more or less intensively for almost forty years.

Karl Polányi and Economic Sociology East and West

György Lengyel

György Lengyel is an economic sociologist at the Corvinus University of Budapest. He is the founder of the Economic Sociology Research Network of the ESA together with Richard Swedberg. His research interests lie mostly in elites, entrepreneurs, economic actors and institutions. Among his recent publications are Elites in hard times.


The event on Facebook

Eastern and Southeastern Europe in global migration flows. Integration and Dependencies in historical perspectives

6:00 p.m., Thursday, March 17, 2015

Location: Corvinus University of Budapest, 13-15 Fővám tér, Budapest 1093 (Sóház), Lecture Room 3


Emese Baranyi (Karl Polányi Center for Global Social Studies)



Irina Molodikova (Central European University) - Changing patterns of migration in FSU countries: Dependencies and development


József Böröcz (Rutgers University) - Regimes of Remittance Dependency: Trajectories of the Former Soviet Bloc


Attila Melegh (Corvinus University of Budapest) - Developmental patterns and dependencies in migratory movements in South Eastern Europe between 1950 and 2010


More details here or on Facebook

The crisis of the Eurozone from the perspectives of Greece and Hungary

At 7 pm on Monday, February 9, 2015

In Corvinus University of Budapest, 4-6 Közraktár Str.,Budapest,1093,C Building

Lecture Room 10


Attila Melegh (Karl Polányi Center for Global Social Studies at Corvinus University of Budapest)


Zoltán Pogátsa (political economist at the West Hungarian University)

Peter Róna (Fellow of Blackfiars Hall, Oxford University)

Tamás Gerőcs (researcher at International Relations Doctoral School at Corvinus University)

Program available here


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