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"The neoliberal order brings right-wing elites into power" – Interview with Attila Melegh

Attila Melegh, founding director of our Research Center was interviewed by Stefan Schwendtner at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology on the occasion of his 5 months work there as guest researcher.

"The Hungarian sociologist, economist, historian and renowned analyst of the authoritarian turn in Eastern Europe, Attila Melegh has been a guest researcher at the MPI for Social Anthropology for the past five months. He is a professor at Corvinus University, Budapest, and senior researcher at the Demographic Research Institute, Budapest. As he is the founding director of the Karl Polanyi Research Center for Global Social Studies at Corvinus University we wanted to know how he sees the current political development in Europe and to what extent Karl Polanyi’s writings could help to analyse the situation. And of course, another good reason for this interview is the publication of Polanyi’s famous The Great Transformation exactly 75 years ago."

Read the full interview.

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