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Lenin on Global History and the Global Historiography on Lenin

Keynote Lecture on the Fifth European Congress on World and Global History (European Congress European Network in Universal and Global History, ENIUGH)

31 August, 2017 at Corvinus University, Budapest

The event was co-organized by Central European University and the Historical Institute at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Lenin on Global Historiography and the Global Historiography on Lenin

On the 100th anniversary of the Great Russian Revolution it is worth remembering Lenin's analysis of global and local history not only because he shaped global history but because he provided an analitical framework. Lenin’s analysis is an important component of the history of the revolution and its intellectual preconditions. Recalling some key elements of this conceptualisation of history is worthy of note since they are still relevant today in a broader sense. My short lecture of about 45–50 minutes aims at presenting the relationship between Russian and global history in Lenin's analysis and also revealing the elements of his theory that have become constitutive part of historical thinking.

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