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Julianna Faludi


Julianna Faludi is currently a phd candidate at the University of Trento, Italy and Corvinus University Budapest, Hungary. Her academic scholarhsip focuses on (open) innovation, organizational studies, economic sociology, cultural production and migration. Her professional experience stems from design, implementation and evaluation of regional development programs gained within national governance structures and consultancy. Furthermore, her activities and experience cover creative writing, blogging, broadcasting and management of cultural projects. She gained her first MAs at the Faculty of Humanities (ELTE), a BA in Economics (Budapest Business School) followed by postgraduate studies in Law and Sovietology and Russian studies. Find more about my work here.




Faludi Julianna 2014. From Open Toward User and Collaborative Innovation. An Overview, Budapest Management Review, 11: 33-43


Faludi Julianna 2015 (forthcoming) Open Innovation Patterns in the Performing Arts, Corvinus Journal of Sociology and Social Policy


Faludi Julianna 2014.  Migration Patterns in the Post-Soviet Region. (IN Hungarian: A poszt-szovjet térség migrációs mintái), in: Migration trends today (In Hungarian: Migrációs tendenciák napjainkban. 


Faludi Julianna, Schmidt Ildikó 2013. Nyelv és munkaerőpiac. Migráció és integráció Dániában, in: A nyelvtudástól a politikai részvételig. Bevándorlók integrációját támogató programok az Európai Unióban, szerk. Bodolai Anna Borbála és Kováts András, ICCR-Budapest



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