The Center promotes comparative and interdisciplinary studies with a global perspective at the intersection of economics, sociology and international relations, simultaneously analyzing global and local dynamics and their interconnectedness. Our aim is to scrutinize historically evolving transnational linkages, persistent inequalities and conflicts between social groups, communities and various regions of the world. We are committed to research and training, which avoids pitfalls of Eurocentrism or any other ways of essentializations widespread in social sciences and humanities. Our work takes a critical stance to uncover entrenched ideas that justify established regimes of global governance that perpetuate forms of redistribution and inequalities. We are also committed to future oriented studies, in the sense that we would like to reflect on possible alternatives to prevailing governmental practices both on the local and the global level.

The Center is especially interested in the following topics:

  • global population dynamics

  • international migration (various types of mobility in the context of local or global inequalities)

  • development and persistence of global hierarchies and systems of inequalities

  • recent development of East European societies including state socialist past

  • the construction of identities in local and transnational contexts

  • interrelatedness of local, national or global social or political discourses

  • developmental policies

The Center’s main activities include, among others the:

  • organization of, and participation at conferences

  • promotion of international scientific collaboration and network building in the related fields (with relevant research groups, institutes, civil actors etc.)

  • organization of public debates and discussions

  • the creation and support of public performances in order to promote objectives in line with the core concerns of the Center

  • engagement in the free education of social groups with limited access to higher education

  • curriculum development

  • management of (submitting and implementing) research grants proposals

  • organization of supervision of various level dissertation works of students in the relevant topics

Karl Polányi



"...labor, land and money are obviously notcommodities; the postulate that anything that is bought and sold must have been produced for sale is emphatically untrue in regard to them... Labor is only another name for a human activity which goes with life itself... nor can that activity be detached from the rest of life... land is only another name for nature, which is not produced by man; actual money, finally, is merely a token of purchasing power which, as a rule, is not produced at all, but comes into being through the mechanism of banking or state finance." 


― Karl Polányi, The Great Transformation: The Political and Economic Origins of Our Time

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