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Conference on Non-Capitalist Mixed Economies (Wars, Non-Capitalist Mixed Economies and Socialism)


This conference considers how wars historically and today have contributed to the

success or failures of socialist projects all around the world. It also discusses what

processes we see in this respect in our current world, what geopolitical and geoeconomics

reordering is going on, and whether we see any possible outcome toward

socialism and/or non-capitalist mixed economies. Our focus will be on economic

developments in conjunction with political efforts and forces. The conference is

supported by Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and this is the third consecutive

conference on non-capitalist mixed economies. Selected talks will be later published

by Eszmélet Journal.

1st Panel: Historical Lessons: Colonial Wars, Wars of Independence, World Wars and Guerilla

Wars Globally

Here we focus on anti-colonial wars, including anti-colonial struggles, guerilla wars in Latina

America, Africa and Asia as well as the first period of the Russian revolution and other nearrevolutionary

situations in Europe after the First or Second World War.

2nd Panel: Wars, Refugees and Non-Capitalist Solidarity Economy

In this section we consider how non-capitalist solidarity economies can be built up and have been

built up in various refugee crises. What conditions would guarantee their maintenance and their

positive historical role.

3rd Panel: Current Wars, International Conflicts and Possible Transition to Socialism

In these discussions we consider whether the current wars have any potential in achieving social

transformation toward a non-capitalist future and how the effect on the transformation of

economies can be assessed.

Online attendance requires registration:

2-3 SEPTEMBER 2023

Hybrid conference

Supported by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

Address: Hotel Corvin, Budapest, 1094, Angyal utca 31, Hungary, Corvin


Co-organizers: Eszmélet, Polányi, TEK

Partner Organizations: Fordulat Journal, Geopolitical Economy Research Group,

Institute of Political History Social Theory Research Group, International Karl Polanyi

Society, Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy, LeftEast, Living and Working

Conditions Observatory, Periféria Policy and Research Center, Solidarity Economy

Center, Working Group for Public Sociology “Helyzet”

Please see the detailed outline of the conference program in the attached file.

Conference Outline (2023)
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